Design Importance in Corporate Entertainment

Why Design is so Important in Corporate Entertainment

We all get caught up in the movement, the music and the stunning performances when it comes to event entertainment. But we tend to overlook the design which helps make the show a success. Make-up, costuming and production design can make or break a performance, no matter how good the act or choreography. Choice of colour, fabric, props and lighting all play a crucial role in enhancing the performer and the performance as well as portray the emotional message required to the guests.

Design’s role in entertainment is to make a show as believable and engaging as possible. Costume design has to support the performer not only physically but also emotionally to ensure the goal and context is communicated to the audience effectively. This accounts for both theatrical and promotional events. To ensure successful communication of concept, your performance needs to capture the audience’s imagination and heart.

Costuming defines the character before he/she even moves or speaks. It is the first hook to capture an audience member, enhancing the performance even further. More than getting attention, design visually supports the story and context of the event. The initial visual stimulation from the set design, costume and make-up subconsciously introduces the goal and theme of the event, allowing the choreographer to focus fully on the execution.

Colours used during a performance sets the atmosphere and environment. Bright colours will help induce a joyful, vibrant atmosphere which is great for promotional events and marketing new products. Whereas sparkling, glamorous ball gowns promotes a feeling of luxury and wealth. Whatever your event goal, the design of your entertainment should contribute to it. Allow your budget to include design. When engaging with an event planner, discuss the theme and goal of your event to ensure that the design is structured around your success.

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