What to Know When Booking Your Corporate Event Entertainment

What to Know When Booking Your Corporate Event Entertainment

Booking corporate entertainment for your next function or promotional event is just as important as hosting the event itself. Ensure the entertainment is relevant to what you want to achieve and gets your customers and guests excited.
Here are some important tips to remember when booking your next event entertainment company.

Start Planning Early

When planning events, the entertainment tends to end on the back foot, however most sought after companies get booked out early and this leaves you with limited options. To ensure you book the entertainment you want, get in touch with a few different companies as soon as you know what you are looking for, this will provide you with the broadest possible options.

Know Your Plan

Know what you are looking for before booking your entertainment. Have an end goal, regardless of whether or not the event is a private function for employees or for promoting new products to the public. The type of entertainment you book should help accomplish your goal and speak to the audience.
Understand your audience; the time, place, end goal and function type will impact the decision of what entertainment to book. Outdoor events would attract different audiences with a lighter feel, where black tie events require something a bit more stylish. Also determine the type of interaction you require from your entertainment – be it purely background or one that actively gets your audience involved.

Draw Up a Budget

Know your budget before booking your entertainment and let it guide the type of entertainment you end up with. Do not expect to have a LED dance team or aerial performance if you are unable to provide the relevant space and equipment required for it.
What you are willing to pay will determine what you get. Corporate entertainment requires a whole team to prepare and attend on the day and costing will determine the time, effort, glamour and size of performance which can be provided. Take into account the type of event you are planning and the size to ensure the entertainment adds to its success.
Be fully aware of the total costs and the payment agreements with your supplier. Do not end up with a no-show on the day because the account was not aptly settled.


Your entertainment supplier can only know what you want and need for your event if you tell them. Be as open and as detailed as possible on your vision and ask as many questions as you can. Not only will you know what to expect, but your supplier will have the best idea of what to supply and what goal their performance is to achieve.
Follow up with your supplier to ensure all is in order. Sometimes a face to face conversation is more effective than a long email trail. Seeing who you will be working with can make the whole process a lot less daunting and also gives your supplier a better understanding of what it is you are looking for.

Know Your Expectations

Verbally communicate what exactly it is you are expecting. Go through the theme and the details of the event and what type of audience will be attending. If you are looking to market a new product through entertainment then list this or if you would like the atmosphere to set a certain mood to have your guests as comfortable as possible.
Ensure that you understand exactly what is included in the invoice and services provided by your supplier; how many people will be involved, what time they will arrive and what time they will perform. Know what equipment your supplier will arrange and what they expect from you, you wouldn’t want a full stage production if your venue does not cater for it. List any concerns or special requests you have, most suppliers have the ability to completely customise their performance to suit your needs.
You are welcome to ask for a preview or short video concept of what your supplier is intending on providing.

Sign a Contract

Ensure every detail discussed with your supplier is set out in writing so that nothing goes unnoticed or gets forgotten. Your supplier should provide you with a short but comprehensive contract stating all the details of the event, times, total amounts, what is included and what not. If your supplier does not supply you with this, then perhaps you should re-think using them.
Be sure to thoroughly read through the terms and conditions from the supplier to ensure that there is no miscommunication or that expectations aren’t met due to something stated in the small print.

Your event entertainment can make or break; we hope these tips will help you in organising the event of the year.